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Summoners War Best Rune Guide

Runes are Summoners War’s model of drugs. Like in most video video games, gear is where vital additional power comes from that permits you succeed. The higher runes you will have the better time you’ll have in dungeons and area battles that you ought to be collaborating in each day. Additionally, you will undoubtedly want them to achieve Cairos Dungeons and acquire essence for awakening your monsters.

Leveling up your runes will let you farm safer, grant you more XP, and get you more bonus map dropped monsters as you farm.

Each monster on this website has a instructed rune section that you would be able to seek advice from. Some gamers will even recommended totally different runes within the feedback that they use for unique battles.

Warning: Just because there are recommended runes for an individual monsters on its own, doesn’t imply these are probably the most complimentary runes for that monster when he is preventing with a group. Hopefully the explanation of the runes under will provide help to understand them more and create synchronizing together with your runes throughout a staff.

Hearth | Water | Wind | Mild | Dark – Keep in mind you should use the search icon on the prime proper of the location to seek for a selected monster.

Particulars and Use Instances for all Runes

Rune IdentifySet Items RequiredSet ImpactLocationDescriptionWhen to Use
Energy Rune IconPower2HP +15%Garen Forest
Big’s Maintain
– The rise is predicated on the monster’s base HP.
– Grants a +15% HP improve per Power set outfitted. (+45% HP with Three units)
For tank models with high base HP
Fatal Rune IconDeadlyfourAssault Energy +35%Mt. Siz
Big’s Hold
– The increase is predicated on the monster’s base Attack.For early recreation attack models, or early or late recreation Bomb models
Blade Rune IconBlade2Crucial Price 12%Kabir Ruins
Big’s Maintain
– Will increase the prospect of landing a crucial hit
– Grants +12% Essential Price improve per Blade set outfitted. (+36% CRI with Three sets)
For enhancing injury dealt to the enemy that causes contact (bomb injury just isn’t affected by Crit Probability)
Swift Rune IconSwift4Assault Velocity +25%Mt. White Ragon
Big’s Maintain
– The rise is predicated on the monster’s base velocity.For help models that buff or heal your workforce, or for models that do injury depending on velocity
Focus Rune IconFocus2Accuracy +20%Telain Forest
Dragon’s Lair
– Reduces the prospect of a talent effect being resisted
– Grants a +20% Accuracy improve per Focus set outfitted (+60% Accuracy with Three sets)
For models that require a bump in accuracy
Guard Rune IconGuard2Defense +15%Hydeni Ruins
Dragon’s Lair
– The rise is predicated on the monster’s base Protection.
– Grants a +15% Defense improve per Guard set Equipeed (+45% Protection with 3 units)
For models that have excessive base defense or do injury in line with defense.
Endure Rune IconEndure2Resistance +20%Tamor Desert
Dragon’s Lair
– Increases the probabilities of resisting an enemy debuff being utilized to your monster
– Grants +20% reistance improve per Endure set outfitted. (60% Resistance with 3 sets)
For models that require a bump in resistance
Shieldl Rune IconDefend2Ally Defend Three turns (15% of HP)Vrofagus Ruins
Dragon’s Lair
– All allies get a defend value 15% of runed monster’s base HP (45% HP with Three sets).
– The defend amount will stack when a number of monsters are outfitted with defend rune (225% HP at Max if 5 monsters use 3 sets each).
– This defend is a detachable buff.
– The shild will reactivate when a new wave begins (Secret Dungeons excluded), but doesn’t reactivate after revival.
To offer protection to all your models akin to the amount of runes you’ve gotten. Used like power runes except in Area to help allies for a sure time period.
Revenge Rune IconRevenge2Counterattack +15%Faimon Volcano
Dragon’s Lair
– Counterattacks with first talent, dealing 75% of its orginial injury when attacked with 15% probability (45% probability with Three units)
– “Additional Turn” effects gained’t be triggered when counterattacking.
– Turns aren’t used up when counterattacing.
– First talent effect and passive talent are activated on counterattack until said otherwise in the talent description. Despair and Vampire rune results also can activate.
To let the unit have probability of countering the opposing unit that attacked it with it’s first talent. For models that have high injury output on their first talent or have a special effect.
Will Rune IconWill2Immunity +1 flipAiden Forest
– Grants immunity for 1 turn per set outfitted at first of the battle (3 turns with Three sets).
– This immunity is detachable buff
– The rune’s effect will reactivate when a new wave begins (Secret Dungeons excluded), but gained’t reactivate if monster is revived.
For models that require 1 flip with out being surprised, defense damaged or oblivioned.
Nemesis Rune IconNemesis2ATK Gauge +4% (for every 7% HP misplaced)Ferun Citadel
– The attack gauge will increase by four% per set outfitted for each 7% HP misplaced (12% improve with 3 units).
– Multi-hit attacks should each take 7% HP at the very least to activate the run.
– Doesn’t work with continuous injury or any talent that sacrifices your monster HP.
For tank models that have a passive that prompts every flip.
Vampire Rune IconVampire4Life Drain +35%Mt.Runar
– Recovers HP by 35% of the injury dealt.
– This recovery just isn’t effected by passives that have an effect on recovery (eg. Grego, Lexy)
– Stack with talent that drains HP (eg. Lapis, Verdehile).
– Doesn’t work with steady injury or any talent that may be a proportion of enemy’s HP (eg. Sigmarus’ third talent).
For top injury output models which might be used to farm. Usually used on farming models which have AoE.
Destroy Rune IconDestroy230% of the injury dealt will scale back up to 4% of the enemy’s Max HPChiruka Stays
– Up to 60% of the enemy’s Max HP might be lowered permanently in battle (The enemy’s Max HP can’t go under 40% of its unique value)
– Destroy effects solely apply once per flip and never per hit.
– Destroy runes don’t improve the injury you dealt. It only reduces the enemy’s Max HP based mostly on the injury you dealt as much as 4% of the enemy’s Max HP (12% of the enemy’s Max HP with Three sets).
For drawn-out fights with monsters like Camilla, Rina & Khmun
Despair Rune IconDespairfourStun Price +25%Big’s Hold– Adds a 25% probability stun to all expertise that deal injury immediately (e.g. mounting bombs do not activate despair impact).
– Despair stun probability is unbiased from inherent expertise stun probability. i.e. It provides one other roll.
– Despair stuns can’t be resisted (except Immunity).
– Multi-hit expertise have an opportunity to activate despair stuns on every hit.
Used with monsters that hit a number of enemies.
Violent Rune IconViolentfourGet Additional Turn +22%Dragon’s Lair– Provides a 22% probability on getting an additional flip when utilizing any lively talent.
– Every subsequent consecutive further flip has a 45% decreased probability of activation than the earlier probability. (22%, 13.2%, 7.9%, …)
Energy Rune IconRagefourImportant Injury +40%Necropolis– Increases Important Injury the opponent receives by 40%.
– Important Injury scales with injury based mostly on Assault, HP, Opponent’s HP, Velocity or Protection.
For assault monsters late recreation and HP Scaling Nukers
Struggle2Allies’ ATK eight%Craft Constructing– Will increase Assault of all allies by 8% of their base attack
Willpower2Allies’ DEF 8%Craft Building– Will increase Defense of all allies by eight% of their base defense
Improve2Allies’ HP eight%Craft Building– Will increase HP of all allies by 8% of their base HP
Accuracy2Allies’ ACC 10%Craft Constructing– Will increase Accuracy of all allies by 10%
Tolerance2Allies’ RES 10%Craft Building– Will increase Resistance of all allies by 10%

Rune Stats Explained

Atk% – Increases the injury output
HP% – Increases the quantity of injury a monster can take (increases general monster health)
Def% – Reduces the amount of injury taken
Spd – Increases the speed of turns for the monster
Acc% – Will increase the prospect of landing a debuff or removing a buff
Res% – Decreases the prospect of receiving a debuff or having a buff removed by the enemy
CritRate% – Improve the prospect of multiplying the bottom attack with CritDmg%
CritDmg% – Will increase the injury output when making use of a essential strike on the enemy

In case you are not perceive the abbreviations gamers are utilizing when talking about runes, read about Summoners War Slang.

Rune Best Practices

Parts are sorted by way of their corresponding colour.

CritDmg or Atk% in Slot 4 (Excluding bomb models)

  • Under 75% CritRate, use Atk%
  • Above 75% CritRte, use CritDmg%

Acc% or Res% in slot 6 can simply get replaced with their base stat (Atk% or HP% or Def%) if there’s enough acquired via sub-stats or chief expertise (only applies to late recreation users). This will additionally apply to Endure and Focus.

Def% and Guard runes usually are not used fairly often even if their highest base stat is defense. It’s because certain models have an ignore capacity impact which may tremendously scale back their survivability. As an alternative, this is changed by HP% to take care of their tanking talents. It’s only used when your unit does injury in response to protection.

Violent runes can exchange majority of models 4 slot rune set and a couple of slot as it’s going to work on 99.99% of all models. Despair and Revenge runes can also apply however shouldn’t be advised as it might not profit the unit as a lot as different runes.

Swift runes may be used as both easy and advance set ups depending on the situation of the place your unit will carry out.

Models that do injury based on velocity should only be runed Velocity when you have excessive enough velocity or else you will be unable to see the difference between Velocity and assault, subsequently sacrificing the injury of other expertise.

Prefix Stats – Along with principal and sub-stats, Runes will now and again come with a prefix stat. These stats are the identical sorts present in major and sub-stats, and cannot have the identical effect as the primary and sub-stats. Additionally, prefix stats cannot be upgraded via the facility up process. Runes with prefix stats often include a a special title.

Bonus Stats

Each particular person rune slot has a specific group of stats that may ALWAYS be on that rune it doesn’t matter what set it’s. I will provide you with all the potential stats per SLOT. Slots 2,4,6 have a particular aspect stat which is specifically for that rune slot which you can’t get from another slot.

Have in mind all the perfect players normally use % over flat defense or offense as a result of it scales a lot better so all the time try to go for % over flat numbers.

Fixed rune stats for every slot

The highest SW gamers on Twitch will use % over flat defense or offense, however those runes scale a lot better.

Right Rune for each slot Rune Chance for each difficulty

Powering Up Runes

At the cost of mana stones, Runes might be powered up, growing the power of their effect. How much of a rise is dependent upon the grade of a Rune, with larger grades usually providing more of a rise. This sectionlists the cost of powering-up runes.

Runes might be powered up a most of fifteen occasions. When powering up Runes, the prospect of a profitable power-up will depend upon the Rune degree. Powering up a rune from +1 to +3 has a 100% success price which can go down successively with each degree.

Success and Failure Rate of Powering Up Runes

Under is a crowd sourced document of successes and tries.

Success and Try Rune Power UP


There are five totally different rarity ranges of runes:

  • Widespread – White (0)
  • Magic – Green (3)
  • Rare – Blue (6)
  • Hero – Purple (9)
  • Legendary – Orange (12)

The upper the rarity,

the extra secondary results the Rune will begin with. For example, a standard Rune has no additional effects, magic has one, a uncommon has two, and so forth.

The following table illustrates the variety of secondary effects attainable for every rarity.

Rarity When Acquiring Runes

Runes could be found at any of the above rarities, though they will nonetheless be powered up with Mana Stones so as to reach the subsequent grade. Usually, Runes change rarities each three ranges, or at intervals of 3/6/9/12. Nevertheless, if a rune is found at larger rarity than Widespread (white Runes), switching to the subsequent rarity won’t happen till the precise degree related to that rarity is reached. So a degree 0 Magic rune, when powered-up to degree Three, won’t upgrade rarity till degree 6.

If a rune with a better rarity than regular for its degree is powered up, then at +Three, +6 and so on. it’ll upgrade preexisting secondary effects. If multiple is present, which impact is upgraded is chosen randomly. This occurs till the rune is at the right rarity for its degree, at which point it should start to obtain new secondary effects up to a most of four. E.g. a Magic Rune with a secondary impact of +four velocity will all the time upgrade the preexisting secondary effect (velocity) at a powerup degree of +3, whereas a Widespread Rune with no secondary results will create a brand new secondary impact every three powerups as much as and together with +12, and can never improve an present one. In the same method, a Legendary Rune (already with four secondary results) will spend every third powerup upgrading present secondary results, and can never create a new one.

The next table illustrates the variety of complete upgrades to secondary results potential for each rarity.

i.e. A +9 Magic rune would have had a total of 1 improve to its secondary results, whereas a +9 Legendary rune would have had a total of three upgrades to its secondary effects.

Rarity when acquired 2

Observe that +15 never adds a improve for secondary stats. As an alternative, it provides an enormous bonus to the first.

Necessary Rules Relating to Runes

Rule #1

By no means buy White / Inexperienced runes until you’re desperately in want of the bonus or Set Buff and the Set Buff must belong to a four piece rune set, Rage / Swift / Violent and so forth.

The rationale for this rule is just because if you degree up the rune you’ll get a random substat. If you are going to buy a white rune and raise it to 12 and the substats you gained are +20 Att , +20 Def, +200 hp + 5% def and +eight% resist , then that doesn’t seem to spectacular and its truly really poor.

Now should you bought a blue (rare) rune with Att% and Hp% Substats properly then guess what? Those stats until degree 6 (when a rune becomes Rare) are the only substats that may improve! Think about shopping for a Blue rune with 5% Att and from ranges 1-6 it turned a 15% Att substat! Thats nice!!!

Rule #2

Rune slots 1/3/5 are 100% substat based mostly.

These flat bonuses aren’t value much at all. Look for 2-3 substats which are useful to what your monster needs when buying slots 1/3/5.

Rule #Three

Pretend Substats

Yes this can be a thing. When you guys have ever bought a rune that looks like this, Imgur [1] the bonus under the primary stat is a “fake” substat. Now what I mean by that is that, THAT substat will never improve. It cannot be degree’d up so be careful when buying these. For instance for those who’re on the lookout for high hp% substats and the rune has a pretend substat of 5% hp, properly then thats not a rune you want since its hp value won’t ever go up.

Rule #four

If multiple monsters have defend runes outfitted, the created defend complete quantity shall be based mostly on the one with the very best base HP.

Rule #5

Revenge runes can’t counterattack a counterattack.

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